Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why do they ask?

I usually buy my lunch foods at the Hannaford across the road from my office. They are incredibly helpful and professional there. In fact, the ONLY cashier I don't care for is the woman who licks her fingers before sliding your change out of her drawer and into your hand. No thanks.

Just about every day, while scanning my items, the cashier asks "Did you find everything you were looking for?" I always say "Yes, thanks" either because it's true, or because I am in a hurry and found a suitable substitute. But today they were out of everything. My lunch Plan A and Plan B fell apart. So when I got to the register, I waited for the question. And when it came, I responded with "No, I actually couldn't find any vegetables and you're all out of organic raisins, gluten free oatmeal, and brown rice."

I waited. I figured I would get some info about shipment plans, maybe a secret stash in the back storeroom I could pilfer from. Something useful. And then, the response came:

"Wow. Bummer. Yeah, we're running low."

Thank God for bananas.

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  1. Same thing at Trader Joes. He asked, I said, no. He was shocked and all "Why'd you say it like that?" Like what, no is no. I couldn't find corn oil and all he said was, Oh. Why the hell do you ask if you're not going to help me, get it for me, tell me where to find it, something.


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