Monday, October 24, 2011

The Top 10 Conversations I Could Do Without

1.)  Me:  I have a corn intolerance and can't eat corn or corn products.
      Response: What happens?

2.)  Me: Do you know what the weather is supposed to be tomorrow?
      Response: Why?

3.)  Me: I made cookies for everyone.
      Response: Oh I hate you.  You're making me blow my diet.

4.)  Me: I can't eat anything these days.
       Response: You're so lucky.

5.)  Me: Great! I have a cavity.
      Response: Thousands of people died in the earthquake.

6.)  Me: I'm trying to adopt a dog.
       Response:  So you decided to stay single and childless?

7.)   Me: I do yoga and/or meditation every day.
       Response: When will it start working?

8.)   Me: I can't believe the stores have Christmas decorations out already.  I'd like to enjoy Thanksgiving.
       Response:  But you don't eat turkey, do you?

9.)  Me: There are parts of every religion I disagree with.
      Response: You know you'll go to Hell for that, right?

(And my ultimate least favorite favorite):

10.)  Me: I've decided to make writing my career.
        Response: That sounds like such fun.  I wish I had time to sit around and read and write all day.

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