Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hasky’s Random Thoughts

Some Wednesday afternoon lightness:

1.) I just read that Mariah Carey battles junk food cravings. She does not have my sympathy. At least not for that.

2.) Bananas are Mother Nature’s candy.

3.) If you think that playing your music in your office will signal whining, negative coworkers to leave you alone, you’re wrong.

4.) I am oddly drawn to the smell of Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion With Aloe. I wonder if this is a symptom of something. Low iron? Kidney malfunction?

5.) The zit sisters have moved into the southern hemisphere of my chin. Welcome, ladies.

6.) Some famous writer once wrote: “I write to find out what I don’t know.” I realized as I battled my way through this morning’s painful edit that I write to prove that I don’t know anything.

7.) Where did the Octomom and the Balloon Boy go? They were both pretty big news stories at one time. I’m suspicious that they have teamed up and that someday soon we will see eight little hot air balloons flying overhead and a bunch of crazy parents in hair and makeup running after them faking fear and concern.

8.) Water is like emotions: overrated but unavoidable. So I swallow both.

9.) My birthday has become like every other annual appointment I try to avoid until I Google the consequences of avoidance and see “Death” listed as Number 1.

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