Sunday, December 2, 2012

The 25 Days of Giving Challenge: Day 2

December 2, 2012
(Please do not watch this video around young children - you'll see why once you hit "play")
As I mentioned in the video above, I would love to write a "From Santa" letter to any child (or any kid at heart) who would like one.  Or who seems to need one.  So send me an email with the following information if you know someone who might enjoy or benefit from receiving a letter.  (And please put something like "Santa Letter" in the subject line, in case this goes to my Spam folder, which I will check regularly):
  • Name of child (or kid at heart)
  • Child's Address
  • Child's Gender
  • Child's Age
  • Child's interests, talents, hobbies
  • Any noteworthy accomplishments the child has had this year
  • Any challenges the child has faced/overcome or continues to struggle with
  • Child's "Wish list" for Christmas
  • Anything else Santa should know and comment on
My goal is to get each letter into the mail within 48 hours after I receive the request.
Happy Challenge Day 2, everyone.  Keep on giving!!
Til next time,
~ Hasky

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